Interested in everything L'Arc~en~Ciel. Including the solos of the members. Excluding VAMPS, unless it's to rant about them.

If I unfollowed you and didn't explain why, I'm sorry. But most likely you just posted a lot of VAMPS pictures. Or spammed with k-pop. Or are a huge X Japan fan. I can bear it in small doses but...

As of recently, because of Laruku's inactivity, I've put this blog basically on hiatus. You know, just like laruku are. Except I actually SAY this is on hiatus.

PS. I am not a nice person.


So because of reasons, I’ve decided to unfollow everyone except the people I’ve followed for laruku-reasons on this blog (since I decided to keep it strictly-L’Arc in general)

Regardless, this is how blogging here looks right now:
Still no L’Arc

That says a lot about this fandom rn, doesn’t it?

So with that said, don’t expect any a lot of activity on here until if they’re back.